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Special guests Tim Rollwagon and Jordan Johnson help the guys break down the Touch em All Pub Crawl. Dan went to a concert and got made fun of for it. Vikings talk, Twins talk, some late summer #hotsportstakes. Everyone was super hungover or #stilldrunk. This one....this one got weird. 

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Parker and Dan talked about the recent Twins roster moves (May, Correia, Vargas, etc.). They also discussed the first Vikings preseason game. 

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The guys went to Mankato to watch football practice. They talked Twins trades, Glen Perkins, Teddy Bridgewater, the bar scene in Mankato, Varsity Blues, and some other random stuff. 

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The guys started the show with some big news. Then they talked Twins for a few minutes before getting really frustrated. They took a strong anti-abuse stance and talked about what a ridiculous week it was in the sports world. 

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Parker & Dan got together to discuss candidates to get moved at the trade deadline. They talked about how Twins minor leaguer Nick Gordon is adjusting to life as a pro baseball player. They talked Vikings, cheese, music, etc. Guest free for the first time this month. 

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Darren Wolfson was kind enough to sit down with the guys on the night of the Lebron James decision and talk about what he expects the Timberwolves to do over the summer. He had some info on the Twins line of thinking heading into the trade deadline. Afterwards, the guys talked about the All Star game and Home Run Derby and talked some TV. Thanks to Darren for his time. He's a pro. 

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The guys had themselves a guest. Aaron Gleeman joined to talk about his career and how to make it in America as a blogger. They got real nerdy and talked analytics. Then they talked about strippers and baseball hats. A little something for everyone. Happy Birthday, America.

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Parker & Dan got together to talk about thew Twins losing streak, the fiasco in the outfield, and who Jorge Polanco's career has started off like. They discussed soccer and World Cup trolling. Then they had the Idea to End All Ideas when they came up with a Kickstarter campaign. Listen, enjoy. 

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The guys got together to discuss their brand new logo. Parker described a hellish family vacation on the North Shore. They also pondered whether or not Kyle Gibson was becoming an "ace" (spoiler: who knows) and whether or not the Twins have peaked (spoiler: who knows). Parker let Dan talk about soccer for 10 minutes (spoiler: Parker still doesn't like soccer) and the guys wished a fond farewell to Tony Gwynn (spoiler: damn he was good). 

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Dan returned from his baseball assignment honeymoon and shared his experience at the Twin Dominican Baseball Academy. The guys talked about the Kendrys Morales signing and all of its repercussions. They also talked about Tom Kelly. Dan claimed to know how to read. It felt good to get back to talking baseball. 

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